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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more details about how to rent?

Please visit our "How to Rent" page by clicking HERE.

Do you make centerpieces and bouquets?

No, we do not. We focus exclusively on renting large floral arches, arbors, backdrops and aisle meadows. These items allow us the opportunity to make the biggest visual impact at your event, while saving you the most money, and offering the greatest sustainability benefit. Typically, our items are intended for ceremony decor, whereas smaller fresh-floral table arrangements are typically only used for reception decor.

You are welcome to hire a florist for fresh floral centerpieces, bouquets / boutonnières and other personal flowers. We have a long history of collaborating with Seattle-area wedding professionals, and we will gladly coordinate with your florist to ensure that our high quality rentals are cohesive with the fresh florals they provide. You'll find that since the items in our collection feature the most popular and commonly used wedding flowers, in the most popular palettes, our rentals will look beautiful and seamless alongside any fresh floral arrangements you select.

Alternatively, if you'd like to rent faux floral centerpieces and personal flowers (in addition to the gorgeous, large arches we provide!), we'd be happy to give you recommendations to some of our favorite companies that ship these smaller items nationwide. Just send us an email!

How do payments work?

We offer two options: Payment in full up front, or SHOP PAY (which splits the total payment into 4 installments).

If the payment methods available via our website host, Shopify, do not work for you, then we can accept a bank transfer via Zelle instead. Please contact us via our CONTACT page with the rental item(s) you want and the delivery date required, and we can send you our payment details for Zelle.

Can I see the floral pillars / arch / arbor / aisle flowers, etc, in person first?

We have a few thoughts on this topic! (Bear with us.)

1) Our rentals are large and cumbersome. Transporting them out of storage (and re-assembling them) for a one-off viewing appointment is a logistically challenging and time-intensive task. Our decision not to have a large and fancy showroom is one of the ways in which we can help save you major money on your wedding flowers!

2) We strive to provide you with extremely detailed and accurate photos on our site (as well as videos and additional photo angles on our Instagram feed, @YoungVineRentals) so you have a very clear visual of what the products look like before you rent them. There are no surprises — what you see on the website is the exact same rental item that you will receive on your wedding day.

3) If you were ordering a fresh-flower arch through a wedding florist, you wouldn't be able to see the item in person before your wedding in any case. You'd just be hoping that your florist would bring your Pinterest vision to life, sight unseen. Again, we provide loads of photos and videos online to give you confidence in your decision-making process.

4) Although Young Vine's founders have been in the wedding industry for several decades, Young Vine itself is a young company (!). We are hoping that, as time goes on, more of our happy clients will share their gorgeous wedding photos with us, so that we can share more visuals of our rentals in the context of a real wedding.

5) We have an editorial shoot coming up in Spring 2024, at which time we'll be able to showcase what some of our most popular rentals look like at a real wedding venue, with ceremony chairs, models to illustrate scale, etc. Stay tuned for that! Finally, we also participate in occasional open houses at various venues around Seattle, where you can view the items in person. Please email us for upcoming open house dates.

How far are you able to deliver?

We are able to deliver to venues within 50 miles of Seattle (98136), one-way. In other words, the round-trip must not exceed 100 miles total.

This is approximately as far east as Keechelus Lake (along Snoqualmie pass), as far west as Sequim or Lake Cushman, as far north as Mt. Vernon, or as far south as Eatonville.

We can deliver further north (e.g. to Bellingham) upon special request, depending on our seasonal availability.

At this time, we do not offer delivery to any venues in the San Juan Islands, or Leavenworth, or on the Olympic Peninsula.

When you say "delivery is included", what is the applicable distance?

We deliver for free within 15 miles of our warehouse in Seattle (98136), provided that the pickup time is no later than 9:00 PM. Pickup times after 9:00PM can be scheduled for an additional fee. If you cannot determine whether the location of your venue qualifies for free delivery, email or call us with your address and we will gladly check for you.

What are the fees for pickups after 9 PM?

9:30 PM: Additional charge of $50

10 PM: Additional charge of $100

10:30 PM: Additional charge of $150

11 PM: Additional charge of $200

11:30 PM: Additional charge of $250

12 AM (midnight): Additional charge of $300

However, we will gladly work with your venue to arrange pickup the next day, to avoid having to charge you this fee if at all possible. This will depend on whether the venue allows this, as well as on where and how the arch would be stored overnight, on whether the arch is needed for another event the next morning, and finally on whether we can fit the pickup into our schedule for the next day. 

How much does delivery cost if it is not within 15 miles of your warehouse in Seattle?

If your location exceeds 15 miles, we typically charge $3.50 per mile for the round trip (delivery AND pickup), not to exceed 100 miles total.

If transport via ferry is involved in the delivery, the surcharge is $85, plus the mileage involved.

Some venues do not have loading docks or freight elevators, which can add to the time and complexity involved in setting up your chosen rental item(s). If necessary, we will add a small fee to your final invoice to cover this. If you are unsure whether your venue qualifies for this surcharge, please email us and we will gladly check for you.

What do you mean when you say "price is for 1 setup/location only"?

This means, the cost of the rental covers our movers and/or our designer for one setup, at one location. If you would like the rental item(s) to be moved to another location (e.g. from outside on the ceremony lawn to the reception ballroom indoors, or from your church to another banquet venue elsewhere in town, etc), then additional fees will apply.

Our arches are fragile and expensive, and our insurance only covers our own staff if any damage occurs. In certain cases, we make exceptions for professional event staff (e.g. your wedding planner) to move the arches with our EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION. It depends on the nature of the item you have rented. Some items require disassembly and reassembly when they are relocated, as they are too large and cumbersome to be moved in one piece. Please contact us if you have any further questions about this.

Does Young Vine design and build these arches in house, or are they purchased pre-made?

We build them ourselves, completely from scratch. It is a labor of love!

We've found that the pre-made arches that can be purchased online are of very poor quality, and are not convincingly life-like at all. Indeed, some of the companies that mass-produce faux floral arches try to pass images of fresh flower installations off as examples of their products (without any caveats!), which is incredibly misleading to consumers.

We take pride in creating all our rental pieces one stem at a time, and posting high-quality photographs on our site. We want you to be able to inspect their details up close and be assured that on the day of your event, you'll get exactly what you paid for — and exactly what you were expecting.

What if my florist has an exclusivity clause?

We've considered this issue in depth, and have several thoughts. First of all, we are not florists; we are a rental company. (For example, if your wedding is featured on social media or in a magazine or blog, we would be tagged as the rental company, NOT the floral designer!) We have chatted to many industry friends who are florists to gain their insights. The most common response is that their "sole provider" clause is particular to FRESH flower designs, and is only in place to prevent an aunt or cousin from doing DIY centerpieces with sunflowers from Pike Place Market that in no way match the bouquets that the professional florist provided, or are in no way representative of the overall quality of the florist's work.

In contrast, at Young Vine, we are industry professionals who are keenly interested in working alongside, and collaborating with, your florist to ensure that your event decor is cohesive. We also do not overstep into your florist's territory by doing centerpieces or bouquets, etc. These are products we don't offer. We are a rental company that offers a very specific product (large arches and arbors!) only. Indeed, many florists do not even offer the type of large installations that we rent out. There are many reasons for this: 1) Large-scale fresh flower installations are extremely time consuming, physically taxing, and very stressful when fresh product is involved (especially during the hot summers, when flowers easily wilt and die!); 2) Many venues only allow 2-3 hrs (and some even less!) for vendors to set up before the wedding, leaving barely enough time for reception setup / table installs, let alone a huge arch that requires thousands of flowers and many freelance helpers to execute; 3) Doing large installations limits a florist's ability to serve more than one wedding per day (or even per weekend); and 4) Large installations using fresh flowers aren't necessarily super profitable for florists, making it hard to build a sustainable business model around this type of product.

Our hope is, as we continue to build a reputation within our industry, one wedding at a time, by being an outstanding provider of luxury arches that are both stunningly realistic and professionally installed, that our more skeptical florist colleagues will come to love and respect our work. We love florists! We deeply respect the work they do with such fragile and perishable products, and how much labor and sweat and care goes into it. Our primary aim is community over competition, and mutual admiration.

Can I request different flowers or foliage for my arbor / arch / floral pillars?

While we cannot remove already-placed flowers from any of our rental pieces, we are happy to ADD flowers in your custom color palette. Even adding 12-24 flowers to certain products (like our floral pillars) in a custom color can completely change the whole look!

We charge a small additional fee for customizations, based on the nature of the request. We also typically require at least 1-2 months of lead time for any custom requests. This is because florals will need to be ordered in your specific color palette, and the timeframe for sourcing our preferred types of hyper-realistic botanicals can be lengthy.

We are also constantly working on adding new rental pieces to our collection, so please email us to see what is possible.

If you would like a completely custom-designed arch, made specifically for your event, please contact us directly for a quote. Please note that pricing for custom work begins at $3,000.

I am having problems checking out. Is the checkout button not working?

First, please check to see whether the browser you're using is Internet Explorer. If so, open a different browser like Google Chrome or Safari. Internet Explorer is not supported by our website host (Shopify). If this doesn't solve your problems, please email or text us and we will quickly get back to you with a workaround!