About Us

Welcome to Young Vine, and thank you for visiting!

We are a Seattle-based husband-and-wife team. We've both been working in the wedding industry for almost 34 combined years -- as a wedding photographer (Loren) and a pastry chef and wedding cake designer (Carla). We've worked on thousands of weddings and met countless wonderful people throughout our happy, creative careers.

The seed for this business was planted back in early 2022, when we were planning our own wedding and realized that the lush, dramatic, romantic floral arch and aisle flowers that we were dreaming of were way beyond our budget ... and would all end up in the trash at the end of the night.

We're both extremely passionate about finding more sustainable solutions for the wedding industry. The average wedding in the US generates 400-600 lbs of garbage in about 6 hours, based on a guest list of 100 people. We've seen it first hand, and we know that the circular economy (= renting, not buying!) is a big part of the solution.

Enter our rent-and-retrieve system, in which each one of our beautiful arches enjoys multiple uses (and customizations) over its lifetime and isn't single-use waste. Plus, you -- our customers -- get the most gorgeous options for your wedding without the massive price tag. There's no need to break the bank, or sacrifice your honeymoon, or compromise on those stunning Pinterest-worthy wedding photos that you're dreaming of.

We feature a mix of classic, timeless designs, as well as on-trend, seasonal looks for our arches and backdrops. Every single flower stem has been meticulously placed by hand and is of the highest quality. You'll instantly be able to tell that these flowers aren't from the craft store -- that is, if you even can tell that they aren't real (we challenge you)! They're the most luxurious artificial flowers on the planet, 3-D printed and hand painted to look just like the real thing. Curating them cost an enormous amount of time (and a lot of duds!), and it was completely worth it. They are DIVINE.

We are constantly dreaming up new floral collections, featuring backdrops, arches, urns, aisle flowers, and lush arbors. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook (@YoungVineRentals) for the latest, and reach out to us if there's a design you'd like us to offer. Our customers mean the world to us and we strive to provide everything you are looking for.

By renting from us, you'll save time and money, and eliminate the stress of having to transport, set up, and tear down a floral installation for your event. (We do all this for free for qualifying orders.)

We LOVE seeing our #YoungVineCouples enjoying our beautiful flowers on their big day. Please share photos with us of how everything turned out!

Thanks again for visiting, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Carla & Loren
(Young Vine)